Dealing With The Aftermath Of Boise Car Accidents

The good life is there to enjoy for the residents of Boise, Idaho. The city offers plenty of job opportunities for a comfortable existence. There are great schools all around town at every level of education. There is even easy access to the trails for those who love the outdoors. It’s hard to find place that is more idyllic and that’s why a lot of people have chosen to live here. This does mean that there always a large amount of cars on the road and this density is increasing the risk of accidents. It’s a real threat that needs to be taken seriously. Please go to for more details.

Boise Car Accident Statistics

The Idaho Transportation Department has collected a large amount of statistics on car crashes throughout the year. These help the state to identify problem areas and develop strategies to fix them. They also serve as an eye opener to the residents. In its 2014 report, their office said that a total of 22,134 crashes were recorded around Idaho. Close to two hundred people died as a result of these accidents. Serious injuries came in at 1,273. The majority of all vehicle crashes occurred on urban roadways but, surprisingly, those that happened on rural areas proved to be much more fatal.

Motorists must learn from these statistics and develop their own plans to avoid being included in the numbers. For instance, enrolment in a defensive driving course is a good idea as people will learn practical skills and they can possibly use this to qualify for discounts from their insurance provider. Staying away from alcohol is a must. Not only does impaired driving increase the likelihood of crash involvement, it also gets you into trouble with the law with serious consequences like jail time and license suspension. Wearing a seatbelt at all time will help in minimizing injuries and preventing fatalities. Put your phone on silent mode or stop for a while before using it.

The Damaging Effects of a Crash

Crashes can have profound effects on everyone involved. The property damage alone will be significant. This averages at $6,842 per incident which can be a lot for an unprecedented expense. The household budget can take a substantial hit to cover the cost of repairs. However, it is the incidents that involve fatalities that are truly worrying. Their average cost is over $6 million due to all of the associated medical expenses and long term damages brought about by the loss. Most accidents will result in damages that are between these two extreme cases. After all, these are all just average figures.

Aside from the direct losses from the accident itself, there are certain things that may not be immediately apparent but are nonetheless as important. The initial hospital expenses will only cover the emergency treatment. Yet even after dismissal from the hospital, a person may not be able to go back to work right away or perform his duties with the same capacity. There might be lingering physical pain or mental trauma. Some victims find it hard just to complete the trip to work as getting in the car and driving on the road gives them flashbacks of the incident. Quality of life suffers on many levels.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

The legal system protects victims of vehicular accidents. However, getting the full protection of the law can be tricky given the complexity of the process. The jargons themselves can be confusing to someone who has no legal training. People need an expert who can translate the terms into plain English and help them make strategic decisions along the way. Specifically, they require a Boise car-accident-lawyer who is knowledgeable in the laws of Idaho concerning personal injury. Every state has its own unique approach to this branch of law. You have to get a legal mind which has had ample practice in its application.

For instance, all motorists in Idaho are required to get car insurance before they can be issued a license to drive. The coverage must reach the minimum prescribed by law or go higher. This means liability insurance with $25,000 for bodily injury for every person involved up to a maximum of $50,000 for the whole incident. There must also be at least $15,000 set aside for property damage. Note that if the actual costs exceed the coverage bought by the at-fault driver, then he must shoulder the excess with money from his own pocket.

How to Choose an Attorney

There is no substitute for experience in the field of law. Look for a Boise car-accident-lawyer who has worked on personal injury cases for a while. He or she will have studied multiple cases and have argued many of them in court enough to know how to win them. They will craft the perfect strategy to convince the judge while having the flexibility to change course if new facts are uncovered. The will dig up all of the evidence that will tip the scales in your favor and ensure that witnesses will handle the questions thrown at them by the other side with poise.

Most of all, the ideal attorney is someone who you can work with on an extended period in a high pressure situation. There has to be mutual trust and respect in order for the partnership to bear fruit. It would help if you already know such a person for a long while but this doesn’t have to be the case. Those who are looking for a lawyer can simply schedule an initial consultation with the firms that have caught their eye. Many offer this service for free. It gives both parties the chance to get to know each other and see if it is the right fit.

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